About Ideal Wood Work Inc.

For over 20 years, hard work, attention to detail and continuous innovation has made Ideal Wood Work one of the Southern Utah’s leading players in the manufacture and sale of custom cabinets and custom storage systems.

Ideal Wood Works founder, Jess Milne began building cabinets and woodworking in 1988. Right out of high school after excelling in the school woodworking program, Jess was handpicked by a local cabinet shop where he worked for a number of years and he has never looked back.

Not unlike many of those local to Southern Utah, Jess moved down to Las Vegas to find his fortunes. Not at the tables, but building the casinos and offices. Early on Jess worked with Players International who built the Players Island Casino running their cabinet shop. Not only did they do just about all the woodwork for the casino, but also did a lot of woodwork for local custom offices.

In 1995 our business Ideal Wood Work was established.  Our commitment to quality and innovation are two of the primary reasons why business is still going strong. We use a KOMO Mach Extreme Router which is incredibly accurate and allows for quick turnaround.

One area where we are unique is that we build both European and face frame cabinets. You will find that with a lot of other cabinet shops they will either build a face frame cabinet or a European style (without a face frame), not both. We believe a custom cabinet shop should adapt to whatever the customer wants.

The advantage of the European style cabinet is that assembly time is quicker so usually the cost is a little lower, but they have to be built precisely and the installation can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing.

Face frame cabinets require more material and labor to create in the shop, but can save time in the installation. The flaws in construction can be hid much easier with this method.


1. Initial Design:

It is very common that we work directly with the contractor right from the start, but depending if someone has hired a designer or architect to design their home, we might have an initial consultation while the home is still in the design process.

We encourage our clients and builders to sit down with us for a pre-design of the kitchen and the layout the placement of the appliances first. The reason this is an ideal time to have your initial consultation, is because after the home has begun construction it is very difficult and often times costly to move plumbing once the concrete is poured or the walls are framed.

2. Cost Estimate:

We submit 3D drawings and it is from those renderings we will provide an estimate of cost.

3. Physical Inspection:

We plan and go out to the home just after the framing is completed. We meet with the home owner and the contractor before the plumbers and electricians arrive. We walk through the home and do a ‚draft‚ and layout where the appliances and cabinets are going to be so the home owner can have a better idea of the layout. It is at this point we address any changes and mark any changes out on the floor/walls so the tradesman can better plan for their job.

4. Fabrication and Installation:

Depending on your construction schedule we usually come in right after the interior paint and flooring has been completed and install your cabinets. After which your counter tops can be installed. This is usually all coming together with the other tradesman putting their finishing touches on the home.